The Staging # 8 2020 Oil on canvas 25,6 » X 31,4 » Genre Scene Abstract

The Staging # 8 2020 Oil on canvas 25,6'' X 31,4'' Genre Scene Abstract

The staging #8 or "When the nature gets back its rights"

This painting is conducted as a curtain-raiser offering the spectators a setting of heaps and entanglements.

The inspiration for this scene comes from the ruins that we encounter on walks. Where at the bend in the road, in a grove, you find yourself in front of what the man left behind when he left.

Beyond an ecological awareness, these ruins, these various abandoned objects tell us a story. In front of this spectacle of dilapidation and abandonment, there is a struggle with nature. The one where it takes back its rights. The expelled becomes the invader. The animal world reoccupies the place. It settles in the interstices of the walls opened by the various bad weather and the past decades.

There is a continuity that reassures the painter Nadia Vuillaume where she tells herself that nature is stronger than anything and that it cannot be doomed to disappear.

Large size

Quotation value i-CAC : 1 800 €.

Open for sale contact the artist.

12mm / ƒ/4.0 / 1/10s / ISO 125
Created 24 août 2020
Uploaded 6 novembre 2021

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