The Rock Waterfall 2023 Oil On Canvas 39″ X 31″ Landscape Figurative

The Rock Waterfall 2023 Oil On Canvas 39" X 31" Landscape Figurative

This view, by painter Nadia Vuillaume, offers a haven of peace.

The cliff, with its brittle, geometric lines, contrasts with the light, supple foliage.

The stones, eroded by the water, are arranged in such a way that you can walk from one point to another without getting your feet wet.

The light filtering through the vegetation adds a softness to the landscape.

All the elements are brought together for a timeless journey.

Large size.

Quotation value i-CAC : Upon request

Open for sale contact the artist.

iPhone 14
iPhone 14 back dual wide camera 5.7mm f/1.5
6mm / ƒ/1.5 / 1/96s / ISO 125
Created 12 juin 2023
Uploaded 31 août 2023

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