After The Storm 2021 Oil on canvas 51″ x 31″ Landscapes Figurative

After The Storm 2021 Oil on canvas 51" x 31" Landscapes Figurative

In this painting, we clearly perceive a paradox between cold and warm, life and the absence of life.

The bare trees contrast with the abundant vegetation. The cold and tormented tones of the sky and the tree trunks are opposed to the soft and warm shades of the long grasses that seem to caress the ground and protect the underground world that lives there.

Is this return to a figurative representation and this game of ambivalence a new approach to painting by the painter Nadia Vuillaume? To find out, we will have to wait for her next works.

XXL size

Quotation value i-CAC : Upon request.

Open for sale contact the artist.

iPhone SE (2nd generation)
iPhone SE (2nd generation) back camera 3.99mm f/1.8
4mm / ƒ/1.8 / 1/60s / ISO 200
Created 11 février 2021
Uploaded 7 novembre 2021

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