Nadia Vuillaume contemporary painter rated and certified

The valuation makes it possible to position and know the place of the artist in the Art market, but it is above all a guarantee of quality towards the buyers.

Art lovers appreciate artists who present a serious guarantee, supported by official documents, especially when the acquisition becomes consequent.

The quotation reassures and legitimizes the transaction.

Indeed, thanks to the quotation, the purchasers have the official insurance of valuation of their works in case of: loss, damage, theft for the insurances.

In case of donation, division, inheritance, the quotation confirmed by the expert will be imposed on the notarial and fiscal estimate.

For the wealth tax, the valuation of the tables will be based on the official quotation for the amount of the tax exemption.

Finally, the painting may be put up for sale (by mutual agreement or by auction) with its certificate of authenticity and its proof of quotation.

Beyond acquiring a painting, rated or not, never forget that a work of art can only live if its owner experiences joy and wonder when contemplating it.

Never forget that a crush is inseparable from a good acquisition.

The important thing to remember is that a painting, done according to the rules of art, does not depreciate. It only increases in value.

Contemporary painter Nadia Vuillaume is one of the artists selected in 2017 by the i-CAC ( Rating Index for Certified Artists) and is seen to obtain her rating. From that moment on, the artist’s duty is to remain faithful to her artistic commitments, and through the quality of her work, to improve the rating, thus allowing the acquired paintings to continue to increase in value.