The cheap prices of the workshop background

All the paintings proposed on the page of the official website of the contemporary painter Nadia Vuillaume: the cheap prices of the workshop background, are unique and signed pieces. They include sketches, anterior canvases and test canvases.

The choice of the artist, to offer a selection at cheap prices, is a way of democratizing art. But also to make it accessible to all.

Sketches :

The sketch is an exercise that all painters do in order to maintain a natural spontaneity. Because several years of experience and practice could have annihilated the natural.

This practice corresponds to the warm-up of the dancer, the repeated scales of the musician, the vocalises of the singer… By working his pochades with a brush and a knife, the painter Nadia Vuillaume also works on the suppleness and the precision of the gesture.

Previous works :

The previous works are paintings that are no longer exhibited, and which are now sleeping in the storeroom of the contemporary painter Nadia Vuillaume. They correspond to the paintings of the beginnings but also to more recent ones. All the paintings presented are originals and are delivered with an invoice and a certificate of authenticity.

Test canvases :

The test canvas is a bit like the artist’s laboratory where different techniques are practiced. The aim is to go beyond the ancestral rules, and to open up new paths of pictorial representation.

These small canvases alone contain all the research, subtlety, difficulty and doubt of the artist.

For any acquisition or/and further information, do not hesitate to contact the artist.


Previous works

Test canvases