Introduction to : Press Articles and Reports

Press articles and reports allow you to discover not only the painter Nadia Vuillaume, but also her life, her work and her artistic career. Apart from the primary objective of the media, to inform, they are also key players in the dissemination of culture in the world.

The Press Articles

“Le Paris Normandie”, press article published on 12 August 2017.

e-magazine du val d'oise

E-magazine of Val d’Oise, article published on 2015.

portrait média nadia vuillaume

“L’Etincelle” magazine, Article published in 2015.

Publication in volume II “Nature Art Today”, Editions Patou, 2014.

Analysis of the work of the contemporary painter Nadia Vuillaume, published in the exhibition catalogue “Place aux Artistes”, Paris 2013.

The FICJ honours the painter Nadia Vuillaume, by publishing articles and advertising inserts, on their E-magazine, from 2013 to 2014. 

article maison et jardin

The magazine “Maison Actuelle” N°28, from 2012, devotes an article to the artist Nadia Vuillaume: “a painting of feelings.”

“Maison et Jardin” N°19, in 2012, writes an article “Portrait of an artist”. 

The Reports

Interview with Painter Nadia vuillaume at the 2016 IInterview of the painter Nadia Vuillaume during the awarding of the 2016 International Prize “Beato Angelico” at the Paisiello Theatre in Lecce, Italy.

Presentation of the winners of the 2016 International Award « Beato Angelico ».

TV report directed by VONews, 2015.

To complete the press articles and reports, you can also go to the YouTube channel of the painter Nadia Vuillaume. Various video montages, both personal and artistic, will allow you to better know this contemporary artist.