Painting courses & Art training

The painter Nadia Vuillaume offers online painting courses and Art training in visual arts. But also, in her studio, in the Vaucouleurs valley, in Yvelines (78). Courses can be taken individually or by subscription.

Online courses or in the workshop

Target Audience :

The drawing and painting courses, lasting one or two hours, are aimed at both novices and experienced amateurs. There is no average age.

Pedagogical objectives :

Firstly, the lessons focus on the discovery of the different techniques of expression linked to the practice of drawing and painting. They can go from a simple introduction to a more in-depth study, or even to an advanced level. That can also be, the discovery of different technicals in painting and its learning process. But then again, the deepening of a technique up to its autonomy. Or to gain more autonomy to go from learning to the complete realization of a painting. All in all, you also have the possibility to choose a specific course according to your needs.

Distance training

Target Audience :

Online learning allows amateurs, or the most confirmed, as well as future art students, to receive advice, teaching, help and support adapted to their project. The training lasts from one to three months, depending on the needs of the candidate.

Pedagogical objectives :

This can be a boost to start a project, or advice in the process of designing a painting. But also, the preparation for national competitions to obtain a prize, the entrance exams to the major art schools. It can also be a help for the conception to the realization of an art book. Even the start of an artistic career, the preparation for a collective or personal exhibition…

Follow-up and support :

In addition, the training gives you unlimited access, by e-mail, to ask me all your questions. In addition, you also benefit from weekly individual live sessions with me, via videoconference. This gives you personalized support in your training.

Of course, the duration of these sessions depends on you, your time and your ability to concentrate. We will define it together during our first videoconference meeting.

The benefits of artistic practice :

In addition to discovering and learning an artistic activity, the practice of drawing and painting is recognized for its benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety and stimulates positive emotions. But also, it improves creativity, memory and concentration. Even more so, it develops communication skills in children and teenagers. And also develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

It helps to relieve people affected by the disease, and to bring them back to the notion of joy, pleasure, inner peace.

Profile of the intervening artist :

Nadia Vuillaume is a Painter, professional, recognized and referenced.

For more than 20 years, she has led plastic arts and comic book workshops, both in schools and associations.

She has accompanied both young high school students in their artistic project, and adults who today evolve in the art world.

Her teaching, with young people, has enabled many children to blossom in creativity, to develop a critical sense, but also the notions of sharing and tolerance … For some of them to enhance their self-esteem by contributing to school failure, and for others whose disability or illness confined them in an isolation to offer them a space of lightness, creativity, rich moments of exchange …

Terms and Regulations :

Namely, the payment of painting courses and art trainings are made either by bank transfer or by PayPal. For workshop courses, payment by cheque is accepted. Having regard too for subscriptions and training courses, payment in installments is possible.

An invoice is obligatorily given to you for any payment of painting courses or/and Art training.

For trainings, a certificate is provided at the end of the session.

In the event that if you are unable to attend a scheduled course, it is due if it is not cancelled 48 hours in advance.

Prices for painting courses and Art training :

First, the one-hour online courses: Personalized online learning courses of one hour: 35 €. – Subscription for 10 online learning lessons of one hour: 300 €.

Second, the one-hour workshop courses: Individual and personalized courses, in the workshop, of one hour: 50 €. – Subscription for 10 workshop courses, individual and personalized, of one hour: 450 €.

Third, the two-hours workshop courses: Individual and personalized courses, in the workshop, of two hours : 90 € – Subscription for 10 workshop courses, individual and personalized, of two hours: 800 €

Fourthly, training: One-month personalized training with: one hour per week in videoconferencing (unlimited exchanges by e-mail + 4 videoconferencing sessions): 300 €3-months personalized training with: one hour per week in videoconferencing (unlimited e-mail exchanges + 12 videoconferencing sessions): 900 €.

How to apply for a lesson or training:

For more information or to book a course or training, do not hesitate to contact the artist.