View #2 2013 Oil On Canvas 27,5″ X 20″ Landscape Abstract

View #2 2013 Oil On Canvas 27,5" X 20" Landscape Abstract

In this assemblage of geometric lines that represent houses and buildings, the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume refers to the place where she resided at the time.

The artist discovered the new town upon her return from Norway. She did not find this artificial and standardized landscape appealing, yet she resided for 30 years.

The theme of this painting is the solitude of cities. Solitude by choice, by fear of the outside world, even by constraint. It is also the artist’s solitude. This leafless window offers the possibility to get out of the dark room and to go meet others. The light timidly enters the room like an invitation to open one’s heart to the world.

Medium size.

Quotation value i-CAC : 1 270 €.

Open for sale contact the artist.

Uploaded December 4 2019

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