Two Fiends 2010 Oil On Canvas 20″ X 20″ Portrait Abstract

Two Fiends 2010 Oil On Canvas 20" X 20" Portrait Abstract

These two stylized characters, whose title evokes a relationship and complicity, draw attention with the approach chosen by the artist.

Each of them looks in an opposite direction, revealing different interests. However, we can feel their desire to mimic one another in the same distortion of their mouth and get to get along with the similar facial expressions. The fact that the character on the left is trying to equal her friend’s size by stretching her neck excessively reveals a feeling of inferiority.

Here, the contemporary artist Nadia Vuillaume examines friendship, what it generates and where it can lead.

The goal of "Workshop background" is to offer the possibility for anyone to buy an original and unique painting at an affordable price.

Price: 200 €

Art for all/Solidarity/The workshop background/Previous works/The cheap price.

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Uploaded December 4 2019

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