Structure Vestigiale 2017 Mixed Technique 63″ X 79″ Composition Abstract

Structure Vestigiale 2017 Mixed Technique 63" X 79" Composition Abstract

This painting was born from a questioning of what we leave behind us once we leave, in addition to what we have built or created. Besides our family. What will we be remembered for? A few notes of music, a perfume, a glow…?

And, from this principle of reflection, I realized that, as a painter, I had never given free expression to my mediums. So I embarked on the adventure of no longer leading the material towards a defined representation, of no longer mastering or taming it, but that it is the material itself that forces me to think about it. To respect his choice to inscribe himself on the canvas, full and round or delicately tinted, barely perceptible or even invisible in places.

I obtained this representation by successive scratches by adding various mediums, defying the edited rules. Neither retouching varnish nor final varnish.

What's the point? To let time do its business. Accept that what is, may no longer be, or may become different.

The white impastoes are like sections of walls that have resisted the erosion of time, ready to receive graffiti, signatures, various messages...

In places, we can see windows open to the past, to another dimension. But who knows? Maybe they're also open to the future...

Nadia Vuillaume.

Format XXL.

Quotation value i-CAC : Upon request.

Open for sale contact the artist.

Uploaded December 4 2019

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