Curtsey 2010 Oil On Canvas 20″ X 28″ Still Life Abstract

Curtsey 2010 Oil On Canvas 20" X 28" Still Life Abstract

This painting appeals by its frame, this representation semi-insect semi-chrysalis, this wave.

The impasto work gives strength to this ensemble softened by wash-drawings and light tones that contrast with the orange reds.

In this pictorial representation, the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume plays with the phrase « bowing out ». A way to pay tribute, to express one’s denial, to leave someone casually, or an elegant way to talk about death, and even suicide.

This creature lying and this return to the chrysalis, suggests the passage of death.

Medium size, Framed painting.

Quotation value i-CAC : Upon request.

Open for sale contact the artist.

Uploaded December 4 2019

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