Contemplation 2010 Oil On Canvas 20″ X 20″ Still Life Abstract

Contemplation 2010 Oil On Canvas 20" X 20" Still Life Abstract

Contemplation opens to several possible interpretations: religion, art… Is it a wink to Victor Hugo or just to roman philosopher Plotin? Or maybe the painting is only here to be contemplated in its entirety, without asking any questions.

An artistic director wrote about this painting:

« An abstract-looking figuration that frees the imagination, abandoned to the seascape, where characters seem to blend in with the sand. Purified from all unnecessary details, this esthetics goes straight to the essential, leading to a realism distorted by the creative impulse of the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume. »

Small size, framed painting.

Quotation value i-CAC : Upon request.

Open for sale contact the artist.

Uploaded December 4 2019

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