Gallery of the artist’s works

First of all the presentation in the gallery of the works of the contemporary painter Nadia Vuillaume, is above all to make them accessible to the widest possible audience.

Like any virtual gallery , it serves to democratize art. To make it known in circles that are not close to the artistic world. But also to bring the artist out of the anonymity of the studio.

The gallery of works gives an overview of the painter’s production. On the one hand, it gives access to all his works. On the other hand, it gives access to the technical data sheets of each painting. Thus, the different stages of realization are revealed to you at the birth of a work.  But also, a wealth of information is provided on the know-how, the initial idea, the technique used… 

It is culturally relevant and even indispensable for the buyer who can preview the paintings he would like to acquire.

How the gallery works:

When you arrive on the page, you will find all the paintings of the artist Nadia Vuillaume, both abstract and figurative.

Then you can select your preference. For example, you can choose to see only the paintings by genre: Abstract or Figurative

You can also select paintings by theme: Landscapes, Still life, Genre scenes, Animals, Characters or Abstract compositions.

The presentation of the works by year of completion is particularly relevant for those interested in the painter’s artistic and creative progress. 

The tab “paintings sold” allows you to see the paintings that have found a buyer. As the ethics of the artist is to realize and to sell only originals, no reproduction of one of her paintings sold, is thus possible. To more easily discern the paintings still available for sale, you must go to the page “Buy an original“. There you will find the paintings by format: small, medium, large, XXL.

In conclusion:

Don’t forget that a painting must above all be a source of pleasure. The love at first sight, the emotion must be part of the desire to acquire an original.

Buying a work of art from an artist is buying more than just a decorative object. It is buying hundreds of hours of work, research, experimentation. It is buying a piece of the artist’s soul. But it is also giving him the means to continue on the path of creation.

Do not hesitate to contact the artist for any further information concerning a painting or/and to make an appointment for an acquisition.