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Nadia vuillaume child
Nadia vuillaume child


The contemporary figurative painter, Nadia Vuillaume was born in the early sixties in Normandy. She grew up in the countryside, far from the artistic movements and lights of the city. Her father, a child of the Butte, was a carpenter. As for her mother, from a rural background, she devoted her life to the education of her four children.

At home, the concerns were more of an economic nature. Sunday outings took them into the wooded lanes away from the museums. This context allowed them to be in contact with nature. A rhythm of life linked to the land and the seasons.

The social environment in which she evolved defined the adult she became. Very quickly, she learned the value of things, honesty, commitment, sharing… Very early on, she understood that energy, willpower and hard work would allow her to reach her adult dreams. 

As a child, she remembers spending long hours in the garden just watching the lights sweep across the distant hills. This juvenile period, made up of daydreams, imagination and poetry, did not lead her to long studies. From her contemplations her inventive spirit was born. This later led her to artistic creation.

The stimulus:

The stimulus happened after an art class when she was 14. That’s when she did her first oil painting. That’s when she realized that there was a world waiting for her elsewhere. A world of color, freedom, discovery… 

Her primary desire at that time was to enter the Conservatory of Dramatic Art. But unfortunately this did not arouse much enthusiasm from his entourage. As a hobby, yes, as a profession it was not an option! 

After a transitional period where she travelled, Nadia Vuillaume returned to pictorial representation. This discovery of the outside world was certainly a trigger. Not mastering the literary style, she could only narrate her travels through pictorial representation.

Nadia Vuillaume Contemporary Artist Painter

Birth of a painter:

She then entered the studios of the plastic artist Sylvie Testamarck and the sculptor José Díaz Fuentes.  These two artists nourished her with their knowledge without ever interfering with her personal approach and signature.

With them, she understood the importance of mastering technique, while allowing creativity to express itself. Art cannot exist without freedom! 

It is on this principle that her teaching of the plastic arts is based. For about twenty years, she has shared her knowledge in workshops, in schools and associations. She also opened and directed the first workshop « Comic Book training ” in the Parisian region.

At the heart of creation:

Since 2010, the contemporary figurative painter Nadia Vuillaume has been working as a full-time painter. Exhibitions and fairs follow one another in Europe. Sometimes, she gives courses & trainings, at her studio and/or online. 

Her works are in the image of his character, full of colors. Most of her paintings are done in oil. She evolves between figurative and abstract without constraint or barrier. 

In 2013, an artistic director wrote: “From color springs a subtle transcription of reality driven by a desire for harmony and balance. In Nadia Vuillaume’s work, the drawing is accurate and precise. It asserts itself through the line that structures the shapes of the objects, of the figures. But also of the city magnified by frank and contrasted colors. There is no excess of realism in her creations, which find the right balance between figuration and more or less allegorical expression. The structuring of the space, by the line pushed to its extreme, creates a form of abstraction. The whole close to a certain cubism, which is transcended by the colors… In compositions with imaginary geometry and shimmering colors, the artist conveys a spiritual and sensitive vision of the World.”


“Meditation”, created in 2014, is the origin of her encounter with the poet Maria Torrelli who proposed her for the Raffaello Sanzio Prize, a high recognition of the arts in Italy. Maria wrote: “Nadia Vuillaume’s painting, full of originality and emotion, leads us into a world of discovery where poetry and questioning meet…”.

From that moment on, everything changed in the artist’s life.  Prestigious exhibitions followed, in Russia, Austria but also in Paris. 

In 2016, the artist was awarded the Arts-Sciences-Lettres medal at a prestigious ceremony at the Hôtel Intercontinental in Paris for her contribution to the development of Art and Culture in the world. 

In the same year, she received the Beato Angelico Award in Italy for her artistic commitment and dedication to humanitarian causes.

Since 2017, the contemporary figurative painter Nadia Vuillaume exhibits regularly, solo, in a gallery in Giverny, next to the Claude Monet Foundation. 


Her awards and artistic recognitions lead her to be sincere and faithful in her commitments and in the pursuit of her work. The artist does not forget where she comes from. She fights to democratize art and make it accessible to all. It is with this objective in mind that she offers on her site a selection of paintings at low prices.