Buy an original

The benefits:

Buying an original is a special act, which is not a known behavior. It is an act of unreasoned love.

First of all, listen to your feelings, because a work that speaks to you will always be a source of pleasure. This feeling is your own. At first glance, it cannot be explained. Your eyes and your heart must be attracted, intrigued, but also moved by this painting.

Only after a thorough study of the original work will you identify what makes it special to you. This is what makes it unique to you.

Buy an original is neither a routine nor a trivial act. It is a non-negligible investment. It must reflect your tastes and your personality.

The moment your gaze is captured by the work, you will observe it, study it until the moment when the fusion is perfect.

Moreover, the desire to acquire an original is a will to defend the unique work, but also the artistic creation. Moreover, it is to support the artist and allow him to exist.

Few advices:

In order to allow you a better visibility of the works to be acquired, they are presented to you by size.

For indication and to help you choose the best place to hang your painting, here are a few hints.

The small size easily finds its place in a house. It enlivens a stairwell, as well as an entrance, a corridor, an office corner. The combination of small pictures can be an excellent choice.

For the medium size the tops of a console, a fireplace are judicious locations, but also corridors and stairwells. 

As for the large size, its reasonable size makes it possible to install it just about anywhere. But also, it can be used to delimit spaces without being too prominent.

As for the size XXL, it needs space to breathe and convey its full visual potential. It marks the identity of the home’s decoration. XXL sizes are very trendy in open-plan interiors.

In conclusion:

Anyway, keep in mind, that the crush, the emotion must be part of the desire to acquire an original.

To buy an original is to love art, is to love adventure!

For any acquisition, request for further information, do not hesitate to contact the painter Nadia Vuillaume.

Small size

Medium size

Large size

XXL size