Art for all

With a wide range of prices and original works, the contemporary painter Nadia Vuillaume accompanies you in your acquisition. She makes art accessible for all.

Contrary to past centuries, owning a work of art is no longer reserved only for a small group of privileged people.  

Acquiring, for oneself or for a third person, an original work of art is part of a personal process. It is a will to buy a singular piece, handmade and possessing a signature. There is in this approach a notion of aesthetic pleasure and cultural interest. Moreover, this year 2020 will have greatly challenged the art world. Artists need everyone’s support. Beyond the pecuniary aspect, the interest of creation itself is at stake. Artists can only survive thanks to you!

Do you also want to make accessible art for all? You wish to offer a painting for an exceptional occasion (birthday, wedding, retirement…). Or just for fun, but you don’t know which work to choose? Here is what I propose to you:

First option, you can contact me ! So that I can help you in your choice. But so I propose you a selection of paintings corresponding to your criteria.

Second option, you can offer a gift card for the acquisition of a personalized painting. Knowing that the average price of a small format (example: 12’’ x 16’’) is 300 €.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help you in your approach to acquire one of my oil paintings, in the rules of the art.

Nadia Vuillaume, Contemporary Artist Painter.