Acquiring a work of art

Purchase art :

Acquiring a work of art, from an artist is a personal step. For the average amateur is done on a crush. Purchase from a living artist is a form of patronage.

The collector for his part, targets his purchases of works of art according to his tastes and the themes he likes. Greatest art collections are not the source of rich art lovers but of enthusiasts.

The investor matures his acquisition. His choices are made in anticipation of an investment that will allow him to make a capital gain on resale. But also to obtain a tax reduction with the obligation that the work can be visually accessible to the public. Or to pass on a property to heirs.

The patron is a bit like the amateur, the collector and also sometimes the investor. But above all, his approach to acquire a work of art, is driven by the desire to support art and its influence in the world. Patronage is the financial, human and/or material support provided without direct compensation. These benefactors are generous people. They fund artists that they can pursue their art and advance artistic creation by creating new works.

Contemporary painter Nadia Vuillaume, in all her work, meets everyone’s expectations. 

Her artistic career, her prizes and awards, her valuation, give her recognition in the artistic community. Today, Nadia Vuillaume is one of the leading artists of contemporary figurative art. 

In her will to democratize art and make it accessible to all, the painter Nadia Vuillaume also proposes on her page The workshop background, paintings at low prices. Sketches painting and other older creations are on offer at you.

The benefits of the work of art :

To acquire a work of art is to enter the artist’s lair. It is to be able to take a bit of his soul with you. It is at the same time a personal choice, an intellectual pleasure and an aesthetic satisfaction.

Look after look, the original work reveals the time spent in its elaboration. The stages of its creation, the moments of doubt of the artist. In front of the original work, you feel the gestures repeated by the artist during its construction.

The purchase of an original work of art is an extension of this state. It is to possess the artist’s signature, to create a bond between him and you. It is to encourage and support art.

By choosing to buy an original work of art, you in turn become a patron. You encourage the artist to continue his work, you contribute to culture. A painting is a pictorial representation open to dreams, and interpretations. It generates sensitivity, love, dialogue and poetry. It is a source of pleasure.

"Everglades Tour", triptych, oil on canvas, XXL size.