Welcome on the website of the contemporary painter Nadia Vuillaume

Introduction :

Welcome on the website of the contemporary painter Nadia Vuillaume. We wish you a good visit and a real pleasure.

This site was born out of the painter Nadia Vuillaume’s desire to give access to her pictorial representation to the widest possible public. It is a fabulous tool that sweeps borders, goes beyond the oceans and allows you to discover the life and work of a sensitive and generous artist.

In a few words:

In the first place, the artist Nadia Vuillaume perfectly corresponds to how one might picture a contemporary creative artist. She produces poignant, original, personal, innovative works. Her paintings, created according to the rules of the art, testify to her artistic mastery.

As such, her contemporary creations, beyond aesthetics, deliberately address the senses, the emotions, the intellect. This atypical artist is out of the ordinary. Self-taught, she does not belong to any specific artistic genre or movement. With her paintings, she transports us into her own spiritual and sensitive vision of the World around her.

Not only is the painter Nadia Vuillaume recognized by her peers as an essential artist of contemporary figurative art. But also her work, her commitments are appreciated beyond France. As the recognition of Arts-Sciences-Lettres attests it by paying homage to her. But also in Italy where she has been awarded several times by Italia in Arte. So much so, that this atypical artist is now one of the artists honoured by I-Cac. Thus, the acquisition of her works ensures you a guarantee of quality and a quotation.

Finally, in addition to contributing to the development of Art and Culture in the world, the painter Nadia Vuillaume shares her knowledge within her studio, but also through social networks.

Just as she does not hesitate to donate her works to humanitarian causes. 

Moreover, the painter Nadia Vuillaume, in her will to democratize art and make it accessible to all, offers a selection of paintings at low prices.